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Adwords Now Gives You Great New Analytics To Help You Save Money

When people think of how AdWords changed in July 2013, they only think of the new direction towards Enhanced Campaigns that AdWords took. This feature has been so significant, though, that it’s overshadowed a number of other important changes at AdWords. (more…)

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What Is Remarketing & How You Can Use It

Although there are many online marketing strategies that have proven effective for businesses, remarketing has recently gained precedence as an effective marketing tool. Although defined and actualized broadly, remarketing is essentially the practice of reintroducing a product or service to potential customers who declined a purchase offer. (Remarketing can also go by the term “retargeting.”) […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Google AdWords Certified Partner?

It seems entirely simple: use AdWords, create some ads, get some leads and rake in the dough. If you have ever tried to use AdWords to its full potential, you know that it can be a complex system and harder than you thought to optimize your capital. It does not take much to burn through […]

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3 AdWords Insights for Profitable PPC Campaign Management

The practice of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management can be a confusing endeavor for many search engine marketers. Google AdWords is an intricate advertising platform that demands some degree of experience and understanding to fully grasp. (more…)

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Benefits in outsourcing online marketing

With the Internet so firmly established in the UK, there are many businesses specialising in online marketing. The cost savings in outsourcing this important business requirement as apposed to resourcing and managing it in-house can be considerable. (more…)

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