PPC Management

The benefits to Pay Per Click marketing is the ability to quickly get a business visible in search engines such as Google, Yahoo! & Bing, targeting potential customers to an incredibly granular level.

Some example benefits with PPC marketing:

  • Total control of spend – you decide what your daily budget is (and this can be changed instantly, anytime, day or night)
  • Only pay when a user has clicked on your advert
  • Advertise in just your local area, across multiple towns, cities or counties, nationally or in multiple countries
  • Advertise at certain times of the day or week you prefer

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Below is a short video By Google about its Pay Per Click advertising platform – Adwords
(91% of users in the UK choose Google as their preferred search engine)

The beauty of PPC marketing is you choose which keyword searches your adverts are linked to. The result is, your adverts only appear when a user has searched using targeted keywords that relate to the products and services you wish to promote. In addition, you only pay when a user has actually clicked your advert, rather than traditional forms of advertising where you pay an upfront cost to be visible. The overall result of PPC is the quality of the prospective lead – much higher calibre than other forms of advertising.

The other benefit of PPC marketing is the control you have over the advert placement. You choose where you want your adverts to appear, you have the control to display your adverts within a set radius, different parts of the country, internationally and in different languages. In addition, you can also control what hours of the day you wish your adverts to appear; you can even select different hours of the day by each individual day of the week. You can also turn you campaigns on and off in an instant – 24/7.

Absolute is a qualified Google Advertising Professional, through years of experience in researching, creating and managing many PPC campaigns across different websites, we understand the technology, can effectively select the keywords to bid on and can implement effective tracking to ensure an impressive return on investment.

Absolute’s PPC Management Services includes:

  • Keyword Research
    Absolute has the skill and expertise to research and identify the searching behaviours of your audience to figure out to an exhaustive degree which keywords you need to include in your PPC campaigns.
  • Campaign Creation
    Absolute will create adverts aligned to keywords to a granular level to ensure they generate excellent click through rates providing users with a positive experience.
  • Website Optimisation
    Users clicking on your adverts isn’t enough, Absolute will work with you in optimising the landing pages which service the targeted products and services to improve the overall user experience – helping achieve the best conversion levels possible.
  • Analysis and Reporting
    Our PPC Management service includes regular reporting on PPC campaign performance so you understand precisely the return on investment. We will also advise on where improvements can be made to continually optimise the campaigns going forward.

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