Google Adwords Certified

What does this mean? Google sets a number of criteria it requires a business to achieve before it qualifies and is accredited with the Google Advertising Professional status. It is an accreditation that is reviewed every year and for which Absolute is required to pass an exam.

This accreditation gives our clients confidence and peace of mind that Absolute have a thorough understanding of pay per click marketing and will maximise the return of their clients marketing spend. Specifically this qualification shows that Absolute can perform the following tasks:

  • A top to bottom review of clients’ website, business model, and industry.
  • Analysis to determine client’s core keywords.
  • Creation of effective ad copy to promote client’s website on Google and the Yahoo! Bing Network.
  • Determination of appropriate daily budget, ad scheduling, network targeting and match types.
  • Create well structured campaigns for ease of use, providing necessary control to allocate different budgets to each campaign.
  • Appropriate follow-up and campaign monitoring.

Absolute provides highly proficient Google Adwords management services, combining our extensive experience with the knowledge we build of your business and its goals, means we will create individually tailored campaigns that provide the best opportunity in maximising clients spend.

Below is a short video By Google – Top tips to achieve successful advertising on Google

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