Absolute’s SEO Consultant Services

Why is search engine optimisation so important?  Web users love to search, they use the main search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing to find one thing only – information.

Absolute’s SEO consultancy service is all about getting clients’ websites featured towards the top of Google’s & other search engines organic results. The benefits in having your site featured prominently in the organic results are enormous: the opportunity to tap into substantial volumes of traffic is considerable for most industry sectors, plus prominent rankings also drives up your brand visibility, which all results in generating a fantastic return on investment.

However, the search engines work tirelessly to improve their user experience by returning the most relevant, high quality sites in their results, so it is paramount website owners continuously improve their websites and keep track of the latest developments if they are to be successful in being featured prominently in Google’s results.

With search engine optimisation evolving at break neck speed it pays to partner with an SEO specialist who will help ensure you do not lose ground in this highly competitive area. To reap the benefits over the long term one must have a careful well thought out strategy that’s inline with Google’s strict guidelines, this is where using our services and experience can pave a route to success in this sort after area.

Absolute’s fully managed SEO Consultant Services includes:

  • SEO Strategy and Planning
    SEO is a long-term strategy that requires meticulous research and planning to ensure your SEO strategy produces the right results. Absolute focuses on setting goals, keyword analysis and selection, auditing current performance and competitor benchmarking.
  • Keyword Research
    Absolute has the skill and expertise to research and identify the searching behaviours of your audience to figure out which keywords you need to focus on securing you top rankings for users who are specifically searching for the products and services you provide.
  • Website Optimisation
    Preparing a website so it gets discovered and indexed by search engines is a key element to gaining visibility in the organic results. Absolute will review, recommend and prepare your website so that it is fully optimised for the search engines to index.
  • Off Site Campaigning – Link Building
    There are two measures to successfully being featured for certain keywords in the search engines organic results: the number of external links pointing to a website but more importantly the quality and relevancy of such links. It is also important to stress the link building approach taken by Absolute is one that Google endorses and is in line with their terms of service. Absolute’s fully managed SEO consultant services includes the identification and placement of ‘life-time’ links on good quality, relevant websites as well as the generation and publication of articles around the web. These articles will include links to your own website which will lead to the search engines scoring your site more positively.
  • Analysis and Reporting
    Performance is monitored closely and results are communicated to clients regularly to ensure full transparency.

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