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The Google Hummingbird Update

Just when people were getting used to the Panda and Penguin updates, Google came out and announced yet another one – Hummingbird. Although many jokes have been made about Google’s habit of frequently coming out with new updates based on animal names, the subject is a serious one for anyone who cares about search engine […]

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Adwords Now Gives You Great New Analytics To Help You Save Money

When people think of how AdWords changed in July 2013, they only think of the new direction towards Enhanced Campaigns that AdWords took. This feature has been so significant, though, that it’s overshadowed a number of other important changes at AdWords. (more…)

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“The Fold” and Website Design

Remember the Pre-Internet Era when people got all of their news from printed newspapers? Even now, competing papers are stacked at newsstands, folded so that just the top halves of their front pages are showing. The day’s biggest headlines and best photos are always placed there, above the fold to entice people to pick up […]

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3 Essentials to a Successful Ecommerce SEO Campaign

Ecommerce SEO is on an entirely different level compared to local SEO and other standard forms of organic SEO. Attaining top search rankings for product-related keywords is no easy accomplishment. (more…)

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What Can Social Media Professionals Learn From Traditional PR?

Many brands and organisations now rely upon social media to carry out the bulk of their marketing and PR activities. After all, social media has many benefits over what some people would term ‘old-fashioned’ techniques, and it can be an excellent way to disseminate information and improve brand image even on a low budget. (more…)

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What Is Remarketing & How You Can Use It

Although there are many online marketing strategies that have proven effective for businesses, remarketing has recently gained precedence as an effective marketing tool. Although defined and actualized broadly, remarketing is essentially the practice of reintroducing a product or service to potential customers who declined a purchase offer. (Remarketing can also go by the term “retargeting.”) […]

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What Are The Benefits Of Working With A Google AdWords Certified Partner?

It seems entirely simple: use AdWords, create some ads, get some leads and rake in the dough. If you have ever tried to use AdWords to its full potential, you know that it can be a complex system and harder than you thought to optimize your capital. It does not take much to burn through […]

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The Evolution of SEO is “Web Presence Optimization”

There is no question that the best practices of SEO are becoming more and more influenced by social media. (more…)

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Fiat Motherhood

What Digital Marketeers Can Learn From Fiat’s ‘Motherhood’ Rap Video

Fade in to cereal cascading from a bowl. A hip-hop beat kicks in as the camera pans over a filthy carpet festooned with Cheerios, discarded toys and up into a close-up of an attractive Uggs-toting young mother who breaks into a 3 minute rap about the joys of motherhood. (more…)

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Integrate Social Media in Your Organic SEO Strategy

The big picture of organic SEO is drastically evolving. In essence, organic search marketers need focus on engaging with real people, and less about keyword rankings. Why? (more…)

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