3 Reasons Why You Need to Integrate Social Media in Your Organic SEO Strategy

The big picture of organic SEO is drastically evolving. In essence, organic search marketers need focus on engaging with real people, and less about keyword rankings. Why? (more…)

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Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Awesome Online Content

You’ve invested time and effort into researching and writing your article. You’ve sourced some great images and videos to support your wonderful words and have settled on a superb place to publish your piece. That’s it right? Time to put your feet up? (more…)

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How ‘Co-Occurrence’ Will Influence Your (Off-Page) SEO Mindset

In a November 2012 Whiteboard Friday, SEO mastermind Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz made a very enlightening prediction regarding “co-occurrence” and the diminishing value of keyword-specific anchor text. (more…)

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Does Social Media Really Affect Rankings?

Ever wanted to know what the most effective way to boost your website’s search ranking was? Results from a study by SEO firm Tasty Placement give new insight into what sorts of online advertising activities are the most effective in terms of SEO power. The study tracked six different websites, each promoted on different social media sites, and measured the changes in their search result rankings. (more…)

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3 AdWords Insights for Profitable PPC Campaign Management

The practice of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign management can be a confusing endeavor for many search engine marketers. Google AdWords is an intricate advertising platform that demands some degree of experience and understanding to fully grasp. (more…)

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5 Ways to Garner Natural Backlinks for your Blog

It’s the Holy Grail of anyone who actively promotes their blog with an “organic” SEO strategy: natural backlinks. (more…)

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Google’s Disavow Tool – Approach With Caution

If you are involved in a site that has suffered some sort of Google penalty, be it a manual or algorithmic action, taking the necessary steps to right your wrongs and get on a path to recovery is no easy task. It is a task that is more likely to take months rather than days or weeks. To help this process Google has launched a link disavow tool, but site owners shouldn’t rush into using it or try to take shortcuts, as it could possibly do more harm than good. (more…)

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Plan your SEO Strategy by testing keywords using PPC Marketing

Planning any SEO strategy requires meticulous attention. As you may well have read elsewhere, one of the most important decisions a business must make is selecting which keyword phrases it wishes to target as part of its SEO strategy.


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Light bulb moment

Benefits in outsourcing online marketing

With the Internet so firmly established in the UK, there are many businesses specialising in online marketing. The cost savings in outsourcing this important business requirement as apposed to resourcing and managing it in-house can be considerable.


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