Top 6 Ways to Promote Your Awesome Online Content

You’ve invested time and effort into researching and writing your article. You’ve sourced some great images and videos to support your wonderful words and have settled on a superb place to publish your piece. That’s it right? Time to put your feet up?

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No! You can’t afford to stop there. While awesome content published in the right place will certainly get some attention, you need to use the social-sharing side of things to really get your content circulating.

Here are 6 ways to promote your awesome content and get that social-sharing ball rolling.

(1) Reach Out to Friends, Followers and People in Your Circles

It’s essential for every content creator and digital marketer to develop a strong set of friends, followers and contacts via the key social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

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Reach out to professionals in your sector and engage with them, sharing their quality content. They will do the same for you and it doesn’t hurt to send an email notifying them of your new piece and requesting a friendly share!

(2) Make Sure Share Buttons Are Prominently Displayed On Your Blog/Website

People who read your content, which of course is so good they want to share it, won’t want to have any hassle quickly sharing it with others.

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Make sure your blog/website has social-share buttons prominently displayed and check that any blogs/websites you approach with guest posts also have them prominently in place to ensure your work doesn’t go to waste.

(3) Consider Using Sponsored Tweets

Another great way to use Twitter to promote your content is to use an ethical platform like, which enables you to engage with sponsored conversations, with advertisers on Twitter, using keywords and categories to target the right followers.

(4) Use LinkedIn to Develop Your Authority and Join Target Groups

LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for building up a network of professionals who share your interests. Make your profile stand out, share your achievements, enhance your profile with strong recommendations and endorsements and join the numerous business-specific groups with whom to share your content with. This will establish your authority in your sector.

(5) Use Innovative Tools like Flauntt

There are some inventive marketing minds out there developing some superb tools to help people promote their awesome content.

Take for example, a great free tool to get people tweeting your content. Simply sign up with your Twitter account and enter the URL of your content. Your content is assessed and given credits, which are passed on to anyone who tweets it. It’s an excellent platform that rewards you for great content and others for sharing it via Twitter.

(6) Share Arresting Images Linked to Your Content on Pinterest

Pinterest has become immensely popular. A proven method for promoting your content is to create an arresting image that links back to your awesome content and to add it to your pinboard. Are you promoting a new film? Pin the poster to your board with a link to an interview with the star or director that gives real insight into what the film is about and what the creative team behind it set out to achieve.

Written by Sam Applegate, creator of A tool which helps you get more people tweeting your stuff.

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