5 Ways to Garner Natural Backlinks for your Blog

It’s the Holy Grail of anyone who actively promotes their blog with an “organic” SEO strategy: natural backlinks.

What constitutes a natural backlink? Any time you receive an unsolicited link to your site for the content of your site – the key being that the link is unsolicited; i.e., it “naturally” occurred. Google, Bing, and the other search engines tend to trust these organic links most of all because they reflect quality content; after all, who would link to your site voluntarily if there wasn’t something of quality worth linking to?

Your challenge, then, is to create a blog full of content worthy of this type of backlink. The only problem is one question: how do you do it? Instead of giving you one oversimplified answer, however, we thought we’d give you five keys you can start using on your blog today.

1. Spend more time in blog preparation. Some of the greatest and most popular bloggers on the Internet will tell you that most of their time goes into preparation. Consider Peter Attia of EatingAcademy.com, who only posts once per week but reports that his blog is basically a part-time job. Most of his time is not spent writing but rather researching the material for his posts. Sure, you could bombard your readers with tons of content and trust that something will be a hit; or you could go for quality and not quantity.

2. Be friendly with other bloggers. Let’s face it; sometimes you just have to know people to get ahead. This applies in the blogging world just as it does anywhere else. The more high-powered bloggers you have on your side, the better quality your natural backlinks will become. So be friendly to other bloggers and perhaps one day they’ll be able to reward your friendship with a favor like a natural backlink.

3. Keep writing even if you haven’t written your “hit” post yet. Sometimes, writing for a new blog is like writing for a vacuum; all you see after every post is “0 comments” and you’re not sure if anyone is even reading, let alone considering linking to you. But don’t give up; natural backlinks will come when you lease suspect them.

4. Ask yourself, “why would someone link to this post?” The number one reason people will link to your post is that it is useful to them. Plain and simple. So what about your writing is useful to others? Do you have deep insights? Do you act as an aggregate of research or entertaining links? What are you giving your readers that could possibly inspire them to share your work?

5. Focus on the reader. If you start asking yourself the questions posed above, you’re starting to put yourself in the readers’ shoes and not your own. This is crucial. You want to provide them with the content that will make them want to send you links. If you’re focused on what you want out of your blog, you automatically guarantee that your number fan will be, well, you. If you want more readers as fans, give them what they want.

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Chris Turberville-Tully is the owner of Inspiration Inc., a digital marketing agency in Swindon, England. Inspiration Inc offers SEO, PPC, email marketing, web design, social media and other internet marketing services to their clients worldwide.


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  1. Tyler December 1, 2012 at 6:32 pm #

    Great insights mate! Makes you take a step back from the narrow SEO focus of it all and make you look at the big picture of your blogging purpose.

    • Simon Colley December 1, 2012 at 7:24 pm #

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Tyler – much appreciated and glad you like the post.

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